Sealection™500 Acoustic Foam

Excluding bad noise and keeping in good sound is why Sealection™500 is a smart and effective way to sound-proof residential and commercial buildings.

A lawn mower, a jet engine, your neighbor's conversation; can you hear them? With Sealection™ 500 spray foam insulation you won't. Isn't that music to your ears?


People's perception of noise doubles for every 10dB increase. So it only takes a 10dB reduction to make a room 50% quieter. An additional 10dB reduction will make it seem 75% quieter.

The original STC 30-34 standard used to be enough. Many people are dealing with a noisier environment than they would like. Current research suggests that an STC rating should be at least 50 to get down to a desirable noise level.

How it works

Sealection™ 500 insulation consists of millions of semi-rigid open cells. The air cells have varying sizes and work to absorb sound waves at varying frequencies. It is possible to design cost effective walls and ceilings with a Sound Transmission Class (STC rating) of 50 or more. Enjoy the benefit of homes, buildings, and rooms insulated with Sealection™ 500. Great protection against unwanted noise!

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