Insulate your Trailers and SeaCans

interior of a sea-can insulated with polyurethane foam

Interior of a sea-can insulated with
polyurethane foam.


The invention of the SeaCan revolutionized shipping. It has a few shortcomings, though. For one, they can get very hot in the sun, which can have undesirable effects on the contents. Or when it gets cold, condensation will form on the inside of the container, which can impact even goods that are not temperature sensitive.

inside a cargo trailer. spray foam still visible

Inside a cargo trailer. Spray foam visible.

Utility Trailers

Closed-cell Spray Foam is the ideal insulation in this situation. It easily conforms to the corrugated shipping container walls, or the complex shapes and curves inside a utility trailer. It reduces the risk of condensation and moisture developing. It can be applied as thick as needed to achieve the insulation value you desire.

Spray foam is an excellent option for insulating utility and cargo trailers.

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