About Enviro Home

Insulation Experts

Enviro Home Inc or EHI is locally owned and operated and has been serving the Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek areas since 2007.  EHI was the first company to offer mobile spray foam services to the Peace Region and specializes in residential, oilfield and commercial industries.  To meet the needs of our customers, Enviro Home Inc has added sound proofing and fire proofing to our product line-up and we are always looking to offer more industry leading products.


Prudential Energy Services

Envirohome was very professional and great to deal with right from the top down. They do excellent work and their attention to detail is second to none.

When they were done, they left no trace of even being here other than a great looking tank.

They have secured themselves as our preferred vender for any spray foam insulating.

-Reid Langdon

CNRL Insulated Pipe

EHI used foam to replace half shells on insulated pipe. Normally we use half shell, but not for this job. Process was clean and simple. We contacted Rick in sales, we were looking for a 2 day lead time, they delivered. Did as advertised: showed up on time, wore all PPE, location was left clean, job well done. Rick was a good communicator between myself and their office. I’d recommend EHI, and use them again.

-Todd Jewell

CNRL Shop Rroof

We had EHI fire proofed and spray foamed our shop roof, after they stripped the old flaking stuff off. Our experience with EHI was excellent. Very professional, well mannered, clean, picked up after themselves, respected everyone. It was an excellent experience. We now have better temperature control and eliminated our water pooling issues. I was most impressed with the service from start to finish. We have strict access and they followed all rules, procedures and posted signage, which many do not. My staff commented on their manners and how they didn’t leave a mess. I would definitely recommend EHI.

-Russ Radke

Attic Insulation

We bought a house last Sept, had no attic insulation. Furnace was running all the time, $400 monthly bills. Our estimator was such a gentleman, jumped in the attic, asked how we survived the winter. They were very organized from beginning to end, I was impressed, especially with the cleanup after the job was done. In terms of applying for the rebate, they did everything, I just received a few emails along the way. I’d recommend Enviro Home Inc for sure.

– Firas Bitar

New House

When designing the build of our house, we had a few key objectives.  To create a beautiful functional home that suits my family, and to create the most efficient house imaginable.  When researching options for insulation providers, it was pretty clear early on which direction we were going.  Spray foam is the best product on the market so that was the way.  We received estimates from a few local contractors, the guys at Enviro Home Inc really seemed to know their stuff.  Brad, the owner was completely on board with my vision and took the same attention to detail that I had.  His crew were professional, answers to my questions were definitive and accurate.  The invoiced price was very close to the estimate.   A few days after the job was completed, Brad came by to inspect the job his guys had done.  He identified a few corners the foam could have been thicker, and his crew came out a few days later to touch up.

The next winter I noticed steam escaping near one of the cantilevers, the crew came out and fixed it up no problem, and at no cost to me.  Lifetime warranty, can’t beat it.  If you hooked up a blower door test, it wouldn’t even register that there is any air leakage at all.  There are no hot or cold areas in the house, I have a/c but it maybe kicks in a few times a year.  The bonus room above my garage is one of the coolest rooms in the house, we paint in there all summer long.  I never need my in floor heating downstairs, the only thing that runs is my HRV which keeps the air circulating and fresh in all rooms.  Our heating and electricity bills in the house are under $300/month in roughly 5500 square feet of space.  I will use Spray Foam in the next structure we build, and the Spray Foam guys will be my first call. 

-Phil McNeil

Deck to Sunroom

Had a deck on the south side of the house, it was too hot in the summer, or too windy, kind of a wasted space. So we built a sunroom to get at least 3 seasons use out of it. EHI spray foamed the walls and under the deck. We kept the door to the sunroom on for the first winter in case it was too cold.

That door stayed open all winter. We then renovated the house, we took the door off, the sunroom and turned it into our dining room. We used to spend maybe 2 days of the year on that deck, now I enjoy breakfast in our sunroom every morning. Putting spray foam, changed the dynamics of our space, and the team at EHI was professional and knowledgeable from start to finish.

Would I recommend Envirohome to others? Of course I would. They did the job very well. It was professionally done. It was done on time. In budget, and the value is totally there.

-Walter Chledowski

Passionate for insulation

Here at EHI, we are passionate beyond what you’d think is possible for insulation. We’re dedicated to providing a more comfortable home, business, work-site, industrial protective coatings and more while using environmentally friendly processes and recycled materials in our products to lessen the human impact on the environment.

Our attention to detail and the accuracy of our equipment virtually eliminates the possibility of improperly installed foam, making spaces livable in a short time. We have strong follow-up practices, ensuring each customer is 100% satisfied. We’re on the CUFCA board, meaning we’re up-to date on cutting edge technology in our industry and the new building codes. We are a trusted resource to many others in the construction industry!

We’ve taken initiative in helping our customers in applying for **rebate programs. We happily help to fill out required documents with or without our customers for government rebate programs. We hope to never leave a bad taste with our customers so, we always ensure we leave the final product clean and tidy. We just love running an efficient business! One that allows our work to be efficient but our customers be efficient as well by saving them money, making a more comfortable space and majorly reducing their environmental footprint.